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WordPress – Content Management System (CMS)

We have experience working with a wide range of content management systems. This experience has lead us to recommend the use of the WordPress content management system for most website developments. Indeed the vast majority of sites we create use this platform.

There is a number of reasons behind this. WordPress has a wide range of off the shelve plugins available which provide most options for standard website functionality. The platform itself has gone through a journey of transformation from a blogging system into a popular content management system. There are also a vast number of online tutorials on how to perform many of the common tasks, making it easier for our customers to update their own websites.

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Content Management System - CMS : What it is and why you should have one

What is a content management system (CMS)?

A Content Management System, also known as a CMS is a piece of software that allows someone without specific technical knowledge to maintain content. In our industry that means being able to update websites without learning to be a web designer. This software is basically the back end of the website which the public don’t see. We like to think it’s where the magic happens.

Why should I demand my site uses a content management system?

One of the things that many businesses find frustrating is having to contact their web designer or digital agency when they want to update their website. This is normally because they don’t have access to the content management system (CMS) their site is built on. If the website is a number of years old it may not even use a CMS for managing updates.

At Nexus we believe that every business should be able to login to their own website securely and access an easy to use content management system (CMS). The vast majority of the websites we create use WordPress as the content management system. This platform is now the most popular open source CMS on the market.

Looking for someone to help with your WordPress installation?

The Nexus team have a lot of experience working with the WordPress content management system. If you have a problem with your installation or are looking to have WordPress set up then our web development team can help you.

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