Web Based Software Development

Our software development solutions are normally produced using the PHP programming language and adhere to modern programming standards. We embrace the latest Web 2.0 technologies to ensure that the software and websites we provide are dynamic, easy to use and enterprising. Our websites are hosted on Unix based servers that which provideĀ a secure, robust environment.

Any software that we produce which requires a back end database for storing information within is powered by MySQL. This is a relational database software engine which is widely used across the internet.

The Nexus Agency - Software Development
Software Development - The Nexus Agency

Software Development Programming Languages

Our talented development team have vast experience in PHP, Perl, JavaScript, XML, SOAP, JQuery, Prototype, CSS, HTML and many more web based development environments.

Are you looking for an expert in WordPress software development or an experienced PHP developer?

The development team at Nexus have over 15 years commercial experience in developing software solutions in a range of programming languages, included PHP. We have also developed a range of WordPress plugins and plugin customisations for our clients.

Software Development - The Nexus Agency

WordPress Plugin Development / Customisations

There are many plugins available for WordPress, most give you what you need in a quick and easy way. However there are times when you need something pretty specific in order to make your website or business process run better. This is when many businesses turn to a software engineer to carry out some bespoke software development for them.

Here at Nexus we have created and customised a wide range of WordPress plugins to help our clients achieve the exact functionality that they need. Our experienced engineers can design and code a custom plugin that integrates seamlessly into your WordPress installation.

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