Web Design Services

Here at Nexus we are experts in all things Web! From creating great looking, widely functional websites to software development, web design and digital marketing we have it all covered. Through every step of the process right from our initial consultations we are committed to ensuring we provide the best solution. We aim not only to meet your requirements, but to by far exceed your expectations!

We can provide a complete solution for promoting your business online and offer a wide range of quality printed marketing materials. Offering the whole package is just one of the benefits of choosing a creative design & marketing agency to help promote your business. Why not get in touch today to arrange a free consultation with one of our experts?

Brochure Websites

The term brochure website is used to describe websites that don’t sell products to visitors through Ecommerce. Simply put, a brochure website is similar to a traditional brochure, with pages describing the services and products on offer. The functionality of these websites is often extended to include additional features such as calendars, forums, contact forms, business directories etc. We also develop bespoke software solutions for those of our clients who have specific requirements.

Brochure Websites
The Nexus Agency - Brochure Website Design
Ecommerce Website Design - The Nexus Agency

Ecommerce Websites

These days it’s widely accepted that more and more shopping transactions happen online using Ecommerce websites. And with new and exciting developments in online shopping hitting the news regularly there has not been a more exciting time to sell your products online. We can produce Ecommerce websites using a range of different software combinations. Our recommended solution is a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce.

Our Ecommerce websites come with all the features of our brochure websites, but also include unlimited product pages, secure payment gateways, vouchers, discount codes and shipping calculators as standard.

Ecommerce Websites

Content Management System (CMS)

Over the years we have worked with a number of different content management systems (CMS), including using our software development team to develop our own. These days our recommended CMS is WordPress. The vast number of available plugins, online guides for updating websites and an easy to use admin area provides clients with all the tools they need to update and manage their websites.

CMS Services
The Nexus Agency - Content Management Systems : Website CMS
The Nexus Agency - SEO : Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Once you have a website published online you will want it to appear as high as possible within the search engines. Our search engine optimisation (SEO) services help to do just that. We can carry out a keyword analysis to determine what relevant searches people are doing before developing an SEO program aimed at making your website more visible.

This work involves a range of activities designed to make your web pages more relevant to the search terms being used by people browsing the Internet.

SEO Services

Software Development

Sometimes you need something specific to your business. This could be a unique piece of functionality for your website, customising what is already there to make it better or involve integration with 3rd party systems.

In recent times our software development work has been used to integrate customer relationship management systems (CRM), accounting software and project management systems with other online platforms. We also regularly create and modify WordPress plugins to enhance our clients’ websites.

Software Development Services
The Nexus Agency - Software Development