Marketing Strategy

A focused marketing strategy is imperative to obtain a clear direction, gain advantages and opportunities in the marketplace and develop brand awareness. An effective marketing strategy provides a thorough analysis of the marketplace and competitors and a review of internal and external elements that impact business performance. It focuses on utilising an effective combination of marketing resources and methods that will appeal to your target market and install confidence in new customers. Marketing strategy is essential to measure the effectiveness of the marketing practices and activity.

Our experienced team have the skills to conduct the required research and produce a marketing strategy document to meet our customers’ tailored requirements. We offer free consultations to assess exactly what you are looking to achieve before creating a strategic plan that will help your business stand out from competitors.

The Nexus Agency - Marketing Strategies
The Nexus Agency - Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Identifying your competitor’s services, how they promote these to their customers as well as your competitors’ market positions are essential to place your business in the best position possible. We will utilise the results of your competitor analysis to recommend ways in which your business can adapt to grow and become more competitive.

SWOT Analysis

As part of our marketing strategy we will conduct an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for the business as well as the threats that could affect business performance. This allows to establish a full understanding of the target market as well as your business’ position within that market.

The Nexus Agency - SWOT Analysis

Business Reach Analysis

To enable us to identify the best mediums to use to market your business, products and services we must explore the different demographics which are engaged with the business and also carry out a digital footprint review. This will allow us to establish an understanding of ideal target markets, the current business reach and how best to expand this, optimising the numbers within your target market. This will also assist in identifying ways in which to improve customer engagement leading to greatly increased conversion rates.

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