Digital Marketing – Become Visible Online

Our digital marketing services can be provided as individual services or as part of a digital marketing campaign. Using a range of content creation techniques and paid advertising methods we can make your brand, and business become visible online. We utilise social media, search engine optimisation, pay per click campaigns and paid social media advertising to raise awareness of your brand, products and services.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Our digital marketing campaigns mix together a range of social media, web and email content creation with paid advertising methods to create powerful results. This maximised mixture of inbound and outbound marketing strategies will help any business become more visible online.

Digital Marketing Campaigns
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Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing service provides a mix of content creation and paid advertising. Our blend of social, helpful and sales content backed up with strategic paid advertising techniques gives these campaigns real power. Regardless on the size of your business we can develop a campaign to suit your needs and budgets.

Social Media Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC)

A Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign allows you to quickly get adverts for your brand, products or services in front of your target audiences. Unlike traditional advertising these adverts can be demographically targeted to maximise your conversions and you only pay when someone engages with your adverts.

PPC Campaigns
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Marketing Strategies

The key aspect of any marketing campaign is the strategy behind it. After consulting with our clients to understand the aims of the campaign we develop a bespoke brief. This looks at what advertising mediums and promotional materials will be required to implement a successful campaign. We then break everything down into manageable steps that are presented within a marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Consultations

We provide a marketing consultation service for clients who are looking to implement a marketing campaign using their own resources but want some expert advice. This service can be used to review and refine an existing campaign or to develop a new campaign which can be passed on to an in-house team to manage.

Marketing Consultaitons
The Nexus Agency - Marking Consultations
The Nexus Agency - Visibility Campaigns

Visibility Campaigns

Our visibility campaigns bring together both digital marketing and conventional marketing methods to form a single powerful marketing campaign. This blend of modern and traditional methods is very effective when looking to engage with a wide target market.

Visibility Campaigns