We recently expanded The Nexus Agency by opening an office in Tay House, Glasgow. As a business we have been active within Glasgow for a number of years now, but the opening of this office does mark a milestone for us. Shortly after we moved in to Tay House we were approached by a Glasgow based architects practice called PlanForm Architects. They wanted us to develop their artichets website presence and asked if we could develop a plan from (see what I did there?) their brief.

Arbroath Care home - PlanForm Arciitects

The initial meeting we had actually took place in the Spaces Café over a coffee and muffin networking event that is held there once a month. We were chatting over the changes in marketing a business and how digital marketing is proving a much more effective way of delivering your message. During this conversation it became clear that the team at PlanForm were in the process of planning a new website for their business.

While we have done hundreds of websites over the years, and a lot of construction industry sites this was the first architects website we had been asked to do. We were delighted to have been given this opportunity and got to work planning the new site. Some business owners and managers look for companies that have experience working in their specific section. While this is completely understandable there are not many websites that require this.

Branding Review

During the initial discussions within the Nexus Team our senior design, Linda highlighted a concert with the clients existing brand. The client has created this themselves when setting up the business. At a glance there was nothing majorly wrong, Linda just felt it lacked impact and identity.

We do quite often identify areas that can be improved within a businesses branding and marketing materials and highlight these to our clients during the projects we work on. In this case our creative team provided feedback and a design concept for a new brand initial logo. There is no hard sale or pressure to change, and when this happens we can always provide expert advice on why we feel this is required.

Architects Website and Branding Work Continues

The client was delighted with the initial concept presented to them and work started to develop this into a new brand for this business. We are still working on the final changes to this, but will be only to happy to share this with you here when complete. We will also update you on the new architects website at the same time.