Have you met Dewar the office dog here at The Nexus Agency?

If the answer is NO! Then I think you have to ask yourself why? Dewar is a Hungarian Vizsla, and the latest addition to the team here at The Nexus Agency. He is still very much a pup, but he has settled into life within the office amazingly.

Has this improved our working environment? Absolutely. And I would recommend it for every office where the environment allows it. Every busy office has times where stress can creep in and here at Nexus there are certainly times when we are working to our clients deadlines that can be stressful.

What I’ve found by adding Dewar into the team is that even during these times this welcome distraction reduces stress and helps with creativity and indeed productivity.

Dewar - The Nexus Agency Office Dog

Managing an office dog when visitors arrive for meetings

One of the main concerns I had before Dewar came along to the office was what to do when customers arrived that were not as keen on our office dog as we were. Not everyone likes dogs after all, indeed for some time I would have put myself in that category. A big advantage our offices have is the secure buzzer entry system.  When someone arrives they need to buzz to gain entry into

the building. This gives us time to ask Dewar to go into his bed. After a few weeks he soon understood the process and would sit there looking cute and friendly. Indeed if this was not the case we would have had serious reservations about having an office dog. The reality is that the vast majority love seeing Dewar when they visit. Some clients actually drop in just because they know he’s here.

Dewar - The Nexus Agency Office Dog

You can follow Dewar on Instagram @dewar_da_vizsla. Yes, he has his own Instagram! It’s what we do 😛

Dewar - The Nexus Agency Office Dog

Time for Walkies…

There is of course a requirement to take the dog out for exercise and comfort breaks during the day which some may see as lost working time. I could not disagree more with this view, although I do understand why some may feel this is the case.

For me personally I find that getting out of the office for a walk is not only good for my health, but has helped me gain some extra clarity. This helps me focus more on my work and indeed come up with new and more innovative ways to help promote my clients businesses.

So does having an office dog increase productivity. Yes, I think it does.

So this leaves us with one remaining question. What other new things would help us here at The Nexus Agency? Ideas on a postcard!