When it comes to promoting your business online many business owners try to do this themselves. This can deliver some results, but these are often inconsistent or limited.

Here we share what we feel are the top 10 reasons to choose a digital marketing agency to promote your business online instead.

So lets look at 10 reasons to choose a digital marketing agency…

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1) Consistent approach

Having a consistent approach to any marketing campaign helps to build your brand awareness. When you choose a digital marketing agency they are highly training in developing your brand. This is after all their full-time job, something they are 100% focused on and are passionate about.

2) Highly experienced in digital marketing

When you start to explore digital marketing you will quickly find that there is hundreds of not thousands of small tasks that can help enhance your visibility online. While the vast majority of these are simple tasks and quick to implement knowing where to start is not so clear. If you choose a digital marketing agency however they have years of experience and know which techniques will get the best results for your business sector.

3) Cost effective

When you choose a digital marketing agency you are basically paying for a single hire, but getting access to a full team of creative expects. Additionally many of the creative materials can be recycled across difference mediums. With an agency producing the content, graphics and video for your campaign they can save time and therefor your money in adapting these within the marketing campaign.

4) Access to a full creative team

A digital marketing campaign uses a wide range of different types of content. Written copy, graphics, images, video and sound all play an important part of a campaign. When you choose a digital marketing agency you get access to a full creative team with the ability to design and produce all of these things.

5) More time to focus on business development

Promoting a business online involves a wide range of tasks, some small, some larger. One thing is for sure is that all of these tasks when added together take up a large amount of time. When you choose a digital marketing agency you are bringing additional resource to help marketing your business. This will free up your time to focus on the core tasks within the business. Many people fall into the trap of feeling like they are saving money by undertaking these tasks themselves, however to use an old phrase… ‘Time is money’.

6) A fresh pair of eyes

Many business owners have a real passion for what they do and this is great. This however does mean that many people find themselves too close to see every opportunity that presents itself. A digital marketing agency gives you a fresh pair of eyes and will often present a range of new and exciting ways to market your business.

7) Flexible packages to suite all business sectors

Digital marketing campaigns are available to businesses of all sizes. Creative marketing agencies will have a range of packages to choose from. These tend to range considerably in price with the time and paid marketing budgets being spent on the campaign being the main contributing factors towards costs.

8) Ability to stay up to date with modern trends

Technology moves quickly and this is especially true with online marketing methods. When you choose a digital marketing agency you are hiring professionals that eat, sleep and live digital marketing all the time. They are investing their time and passion into staying on the leading edge of technology within their sector.

9) Techniques in monitoring campaign performance

One of the most powerful aspects of digital marketing is the ability to monitor the results of specific areas of the campaign and to quickly adjust the campaign to get the most out of it.

10) Best tools and software

There is a wide range of software programs, techniques and systems that have been developed and refined over time. A creative design and marketing agency will know which of these work the best and will have already purchased these.


Choose a Digital Marketing Agency - Gordon, MD @ The Nexus AgencyA digital marketing agency will generate a wide range of rich media that is used to advertise your business. All of this should be underpinned by a clear marketing strategy, with regular updates on how the campaign is progressing given.

Business owners should quickly see the value of these types of campaigns, not only in the time saved, but also in the inbound enquiries to the business.

Overall your brand should become more visible and your customer experience should be enhanced.

Most importantly digital marketing campaigns should deliver a return on investment (ROI) and because of the sophisticated monitoring and reporting that is available your chosen agency should be able to demonstrate this to you.

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