Social Media Management

The past 10 years has seen social media take over our lives. Especially sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As a result, marketers have had to become savvier with social media marketing and management.

Facebook, in particular, offers a vast range of advertising options to help you reach a specific audience. And even better, they have also provided different ways to track and analyse the results of your advertising campaigns. One of which is the Facebook Pixel.

What does the Pixel do?

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you can input to your Facebook campaigns that can allow you to:

  • Target very specific audiences
  • Track actions taken on your ad
  • Follow the actions on your website from clicks to the ad
  • Influence specific actions from your audience

It is literally a piece of equipment that allows you to target, influence and analyse the reaction of your audience to your campaign. However, implementation can be confusing and complicated if you’re not familiar with coding or the general concept of adding analytics tools to your campaign.

Social Media Marketing

At the Nexus Agency, we have a dedicated and passionate marketing team who have experience in a range of digital marketing techniques. We can offer a fully comprehensive social media marketing solution, or, a whole digital marketing campaign spanning SEO, CPC, blog posts and social media management.