Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process of improving the ranking of a page within a search engine. This helps more people can find it when searching online. What many businesses find is that the phrases they are trying to target within their SEO campaign are highly competitive. They often feel crowded out by larger competitors. This article will help you exploit a bit of a side-door and marketing your business within a geographical area using local SEO.

So what is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a technical used to target keywords and phrases within a specific geographical areas. This can be done by adding a location into the search phrase you are targeting and by improving your business map presence.

Local SEO : Search Engine Optimisation - The Nexus Agency

Geographical Targeting using Location Specific Keywords

Local SEO : Geographical Search Engine Optimisation - The Nexus Agency

Assuming you have already identified they search terms that your target marketing is going to type into Google (other search engines are available) . Let’s look at how we can modified these to include the location you are targeting.

Lets look at the keywords “Web Design” for example. This is a very competitive phrase, targeted by agencies big and small across the world.

Here at The Nexus Agency we do a lot of our business on the West Coast of Scotland. So for us adding Ayrshire to this search phrase seemed like a good first step.

When you change a keyword or phrase you are using or when you add a new phrase to your campaign do your research first. Google’s Key Word Planner is a great tool for this.

Quick Checklist

  • Identify popular keywords

  • Add location to keywords

  • Use Keyword Planner to identify best variations of keywords

  • Record current search engine ranking

  • Optimise your web page to target the new keywords

  • Review after 1 week

  • Make small changes to content to improve ranking as required.

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Using geographical services like Google Maps as part of your local SEO campaign

Many of the big online players such as Google, Bing, Facebook etc have already recognised how important location is. All of these services will show local businesses either on a map or when prioritising the content to display. Many businesses we have came across are not taking full advantage of the opportunities these services provide. Especially when it comes to a local SEO campaign. Make sure your business is listed on all the map services (including Bing and Apple maps).

Establishing good back links with your contact details and address is also very important. We are going to explore this in more detail in a coming article. So for now here is a link to an article I found on Invoice Berry that lists some of the most popular online directories within the UK. A couple of these have disappears or seem pretty obscure, but all the main ones are there.

Top 35 Business Directories



Local SEO : Search Engine Optimisation - The Nexus Agency