My first day at work experience was good. I arrived at the Nexus building in my smart clothes at 8:40 before everyone was in and I met Gordon Bain, who is the managing director. He was the one to show me about the building and got my tour I met Linda Unwin who is the senior designer of The Nexus Agency followed by Susanna Ward who is the web designer. After I met Susanna I met Sara who is the operations manager and also is my boss for this work experience.

I really enjoyed my experience in The Nexus Agency and the staff are really nice. The best part of my work experience was doing my work while being able to talk to the staff and listen to music while the staff are busy working away. On Tuesday I met Laura Cunningham who is the agency’s marketing assistant. They are all very nice people and have inspired me to create my own business. I wish to have a business like this in the future.