My work experience at Nexus has been an interesting week. From my first simple blog post, editing images in Photoshop to travelling between offices this week has been if anything, weird.

What I Done At Work

I started the week by being challenged to write the first simple blog(first blog). Then create a ‘banner’ using unfamiliar software, Adobe Photoshop which was a challenge in itself. Then to loading content into wire-frame pages. Next, I had to create some fairly straightforward spreadsheets along with another challenge of a designing a logo. After travelling to the Nexus office in Glasgow. Now I’m writing this blog and have to receive lessons in Photoshop later to end the week.

What I Thought

As stated above this has been an interesting week as I thought it was going to be sitting at a desk in near silence for a week. But there has been multiple, constant conversations going on with music in the background.

There has also been a rather relaxed atmosphere even though everyone has been busy.

Even though I have enjoyed this experience at the Nexus I look forward to getting back to my normal life next week.