It’s not uncommon for brands to update or change their corporate identity as the business and landscape evolve. Big names such as Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Apple and Microsoft have changed their branding multiple times over the past 50 years. However, no matter how many times they’ve changed, their customer always knows it’s them. That is the secret to good branding and branding history.

Tech Giant 1: Microsoft

Take Microsoft for example, upon their introduction to the market in 1975, their logo was very typical of a tech company in the 70s. Their first 12 years of business saw them change their logo and branding 4 times; something that is typically considered reckless. However, once Microsoft found the branding that they felt best reflected their brand, they didn’t rebrand again for another 25 years. 

Microsoft Logo History

Microsoft has proven that once you find the right branding, you don’t have to keep trying to remain current as your branding is relevant to the times and market. However, one area of Microsoft’s branding that has changed consistently with each product update are the Windows logos. Much like the products, the logos are simply updated versions of the one before; making them instantly recognisable to their existing stakeholders. It is possible that this automatic association between product and brand is why Microsoft did not have to change their branding for 25 years.

Windows Rebrand History

Tech Giant 2: Apple

Another example of excellent branding is Apple, ofcourse. Once Apple found what worked for them they stuck to it and the brand has gone from strength to strength. Not only are Apple a household name but they are also one of the most successful tech companies in the world and are considered ‘the ones to beat’ by companies such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC and now Google for tech sales and market share.

Same Apple, Different Look

The dawn of Apple in 1976 saw their logo looking very cluttered and having a lot of intricate detail. However, after just a year, the brand simplified dramatically and the Apple logo we all know and love today was born. Sticking to the winning formula, the past 40 years has seen the Apple logo take many different styles, whilst still sticking to their trademark apple form.

Apple Rebrand History

Time to Refresh

After looking at the branding for two of the biggest tech giants in the world, it’s clear that the key to branding is finding a simplistic design that can be altered to look fresher and more up-to-date without compromising the relatability of the branding. Which is exactly what we have tried to do.


Nexus Agency Rebrand


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