As a 3rd year pupil at Garnock Community Campus, I was tasked with a lengthy process which was my work experience…

The process first started by a series of random meetings to determine what was to come in the near future, a week at work.

After the pupil was given personal details to a website. (Ayrshires chosen site) He/She were left by themselves to decide on what type of job they wanted and when. The pupil had to pick a maximum of 3 jobs in case they didn’t get their first preferred placement. If the student gets a placement they should simply wait until the specified time then show up at the place work.

Personal Work Experience

After I had gotten my details and spent some time choosing 3 jobs. About 2 weeks later I’d found out my placement. Nexus. Once the time had come I made my way to the Nexus building for the designated time and got a pleasant greeting by Gordon Bain the Managing Director.

Which was then followed by a guided tour and introduction to the team and company.

After the intro to what they do, I was assigned my first task, this blog. The Nexus Agency has been a rather relaxed working environment so far although I’ve only been here for one day.

I’ve yet to see what variety of tasks follow over the next week but I look forward to them regardless.