Let’s look at how you can use LinkedIn make contact with new clients, receive introductions and open doors to leads that have proved elusive.

LinkedIn for those who are who have not heard the name is a social media network specifically targeting business people and professionals. So let’s have a look at how I used online networking to help grow my business using Linkedin.

I have used this many times to make contact with potential clients, receive introductions and to help our clients open doors when they have had problems reaching out to the right person.

Grow My Business Using Linkedin : The Nexus Agency

Why You Should I Try Grow My Business Using Linkedin

If you have ever done any kind of B2B sales work you will most likely have hit a common barrier. The people you want to talk to are the decision makers within the business you are contacting. However these people have put barriers in place to stop just anyone contacting them. This maybe a receptionist, personal assistant or just well briefed customer service staff.

There is a wide range of reasons decision do this. The but common is that they are pretty business and are being bombarded my sales messages. Of course if you are doing B2B sales this is basically what you are trying to do. So I guess there is no real surprise that you hit these barriers.

So you maybe asking…  how can I grow my business using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has some great business resources that you can use completely free. We will look at each of these in turn in more detail.

Who Works for the Business Your Targeting?

One of the first barriers LinkedIn can help you overcome is not knowing the name of the person you are trying to contact. This is a dead give away that the call or email is unsolicited. Even if what you are offering is amazing and be a real benefit to the business. At the initial contact stage they don’t know this and therefore have no reason to take your call or read your email.

LinkedIn allows you to search for businesses and then view who works for them. You can even see the position that they hold within the company.

Who do I know that is already connected with the person I want to speak to?

Once you know the name of the person that you want to speak to at your target company you need a good way to approach them. Sure you can fire them off a connection request and hope for the best. Or if you have a premium LinkedIn account you can message them directly and wait for the response. These methods can work, but there is a tactic I would recommend before doing this.

LinkedIn tells you the connections you have in common. This is someone that is already on your contact list and is also on the contact list of the person you want to speak to.

Now you may not always have this type of connection, and if you don’t then reverting back to cold contacting maybe the only option you have.

If you do have a connection in common a much more successful approach to establishing contact with your potential new client is to ask for an introduction. Think of it form the other persons point of view. If they get contacted by someone they don’t know with a message about how awesome they are. Then compare this to them being contacted by someone they know, they recommend you and ask if they can speak to you.

Grow My Business Using Linkedin as part of a digital marketing campaign.

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