North Ayrshire Council Commission Community Planning Partnership Project


The Community Planning Partnership for North Ayrshire were looking for a brand which represented ‘A Better Life’ and better services for the communities throughout North Ayrshire.

To capture the importance of engagement and the community, we focused on a few key elements that we believe clearly reflect the message of ‘working towards a common goal’. The clear key elements used are the main circular shape, the separate components of the circular shape and the inner circle of people.

North Ayrshire - Community Planning Partnership : Branding & Logo Design
North Ayrshire - Community Planning Partnership : Roller Banner

Branding Concept

The circular shape of the logo symbolises a full continuous cycle of ongoing work and progression within the Community Planning Partnership that involves and embraces all members. It suggests the flow of communication and ideas which reflects the elements of engagement and reaching a common goal.

The separate six components of the outer circular shape represent the six localities within the Community Planning Partnership. Despite their visual detachment, the circular shape highlights the interconnection of the localities. The separate components also suggest the progressive planning steps made in order to encompass and develop the whole community.

Furthermore within each locality, various organisations engage; we used different colours to distinguish such localities as separate entities.
The inner circle of people represents entirety of the community and the idea of engagement. Furthermore, each person signifies the colours used in the outer circle which strengthens the idea that each locality work as part of a bigger community project.

We have used multiple vibrant and symbolic colours to represent the different dynamic aspects of community that the Community Planning Partnership work with. Blue is used to suggest trustworthy, dependable and responsible connotations. The colour gives the impression that action is being taken which is an essential message.

Printed Pop Up Signs and Outdoor Banners

Having recently completed the branding project for North Ayrshire Council’s Community Planning Partnership and with their website preparing to go live, the CPP were looking for some visual aids to showcase the partnership and the fact that they are about to be online. Both their branding and the design and development of their website added a burst of colour to the Nexus job list so we were delighted to design and print outdoor banners and pop up signs for them to shout about their fantastic new branding, even if we do say so ourselves.

These banners and pop up signs are colourful, eye-catching and straight to the point. The outdoor banners were printed on heavy duty PVC so they last the lovely Scottish weather and came hemmed and eyeletted for ease of displaying.

The pop up, roller signs were provided on Frontlit 510 gsm , which provides a more coarse material than PVC to allow the banner to roll easily time and time again whilst remaining undamaged. The pop up banners were fixed on heavy weight bases and provided with carry cases for easy storage and travel.

North Ayrshire - Community Planning Partnership

Website Presence

Project Overview

This project was commissioned by North Ayrshire Council and was developed by Nexus as a way of helping the organisation establish a clear, modern identity. The project featured a number of tasks which would build customer perception of the brand as well as encourage existing customers to become more engaged with the services provided by the organisation. Firstly, the team performed the rebranding for NAC which was to be incorporated on all of their marketing resources in order to maintain brand consistency. You can read about the branding project over on our Marketing Portfolio.

Web Functionality

The next main focus was to develop a new detailed website that was easy to navigate and highly responsive on various devices. With the wide range of customers using the site, it was important that the content was clear and simple to direct. Further to this, the website provides the organisation’s latest news, an events calendar, social media icons, contact & submit forms for customers to organise events.

All these features enable customers to interact freely on the site and contact the organisation. The events calendar highlights community events that are submitted by members of the community and are held for moderation until approved by a system operator. Once approved the events are added to the consultation calendar which supports the organisation to schedule such events using a systematic approach.

Website Security

Since the website has been accessible to the public, the team conduct regular website maintenance to ensure it’s working to its best ability. A crucial element of the brief was to guarantee that all data was fully secure by applying robust security measures which our team members implemented and monitor for maximum safeguarding of the website. We also feel it’s important that our customers feel confident working with their websites thus our advanced web designer delivered web workshops to the full department.

North Ayrshire - Community Planning Partnership

Client Feedback

The project has been widely appreciated in the Ayrshire area with positive feedback from council members and the community. The community interaction with CPP has significantly increased and we believe this will increase as the project develops further.