Have you ever thought about how much your culture affects/contributes to things you see around you every day? From menus in shops to flyers you receive on the street, which are always a worth a swatch! Our culture affects nearly everything that we see every day and it’s not until we are no longer surrounded by these familiarities that we notice this.

When traveling one of my favorite things to see is how different designs are! The advertisements on TV, in shop windows, flyers and even signage. Recently I traveled to New York City, home to people with big personalities and an aim to be No.1, everything about NYC screams out for attention! On a single block street there is easily over 150 signs, multiple signs for each establishment, something that we don’t see back home. Our culture doesn’t appreciate such loud attempts for attention from businesses,  we seem to prefer more of a modest looking shop front with a lovely and ever so dazzling deal to lure us in. For instance all Subway have to do here in the UK to get our attention is place an A board outside the shop with the words “FREE sub with a large drink” and we’re like, “sure we’ll all have a bit of that!”.

In a vast contrast with so many sandwich shops crammed into the one place your typical NYC sandwich shop has a window littered with 20 different messages and neon signs accompanied by some of the biggest A boards I’ve ever seen just in case the window was attention grabbing enough!

Next time you go travelling why not see if you can spot something that wouldn’t normally be found in your home country?

P.S Enjoy some pictures from The Big Apple!

Times Square featured image courtesy of my best friend, Helly Bergman