Traditional Joinery meets Digital Design


Howies Traditional Joinery was referred to us from North Ayrshire Council to provide support as they looked to develop a website. Like many businesses within the trades Howies Traditional Joinery had relied on more traditional marketing mediums such as phone directories and newspaper advertising. However as these had declined they had not moved with these trends and were starting to see less and less enquiries being generated from these outlets.

Howies Traditional Joinery / Branding & Logo Design

The Brief

We were tasked with establishing a brand new website for the client and linking this to various social media accounts. The website should be optimised for search engines and have mobile / tablet versions of the sites created. Additionally the client wanted to have new business cards and flyers to help promote their business.

Brochure Website

The website design for this project was fairly masculine, this both reflected the subject matter and the team working for Howies Traditional Joinery.

While the topic matter within the industry can be quite technical we were keen to include a high degree of visual elements. This is important when tackling technical subjects. Some of the traffic visiting your website will want to know the technical aspects of the profession so this has to be included. However there is a lot of market research that shows people engage more with visual elements.

Zoom Image Effect

In order to address this we decided not only to include photographs and graphics but to make these interactive as well. We achieved this by using two different types of animations. The first type of animation we selected was a zoom effect which has been applied to several images within the website. When someone hovers over the image the site zooms in on the image slightly. This approach adds visual interest to the page.

When we use this however we also like to link the image to a relevant page. After attracting the attention of the visitor it only seems sensible to allow them to interact with the image and take them to information they may find helpful.

Howies Traditional Joinery Website Design

Parallax Scrolling Effect

You will have seen this effect before I’m sure. You start to scroll down a web page and things start to move. This burst on to the scene a number of years ago now and many web designers started building this into website in more and more complex ways. Let’s be honest, it all got a bit out of hand.

While we would discourage anyone from going nuts with Parallax effects on their website, when done right they look great. The important thing to remember here is that you don’t want special effects to become a distraction. And you certainly don’t want them to make using the website hard. These two things unfortunately have been missed all to often by others in the past.

We are not doing that here, instead we have a panel with the key services contained within it as part of the website. The background of this panel has a wood effect which we liked. As the user scrolls down the page this moves slightly to add some interest to the page. We like it, what do you think?