Branding, Web & Print Materials


Disability Motorsport Scotland approach Nexus after being referred to us by one of our other clients. The team where in the process of setting up a charity focused on making access to motor sport accessible to people with disabilities. Something they would not normally have access to. Most impressively they wanted to do this at no cost to those people.

Gordon, the MD at Nexus met with Colin from Disability Motorsport Scotland and was inspired by the presentation he gave. From that point forward Nexus have been involved in supporting the guys at DMS any way we can.

The Brief

The team at Disability Motorsport Scotland met with the team and agreed a program of work involved the creation of their brand, a new website and printed marketing materials. The brief behind the project was to make it fun and interesting and that as soon as someone seen the logo or website they were left in no doubt what Disability Motorsport Scotland did.

Disability Motorsport Website


The logo we created takes the checkered flag that is heavily associated with motor sport and the Scottish flag. We then developed a badge style to compliment this so it could be placed on many different mediums such as promotional stickers, pens etc. Most importantly the logo had to work well on cars as this brand was going to be heavily exposed when racing at various courses around the country.

Website Presence

The website has be be accessible on desktop, tablets and mobile devices so having a responsive website design was very important. As it is with all websites these days. This was achieved using our design frame work within the WordPress content management system.

One of the aspects that really brought the website to life was the creation of the racing video and then placing this at the top of the website. This helped us achieve our goal of making sure everyone knew exactly what Disability Motorsport Scotland did as soon as they visited the website.

Disability Motorsport Website

Printed Marketing Materials

We designed and printed a range of different marketing materials for Disability Motorsport Scotland. These include presentation folders and inserts that they use to attract new sponsors the the charity. We have also provided the team with business cards so they can quickly and easily pass on their contact details.