Website Creation

The Brief

The old website did not showcase the weddingcars very well. With lots of text in front of images of the car, there were some spelling mistakes on the website and the site was not performing very well within the search engines.


We were contacted by Jays Wedding Cars to improve their online presence. They were unhappy with their existing provider and felt they needed a change in order to take full advantage of online marketing.

Our task is the creation of a website designed to impress and showcase the spectacular wedding cars in the light that they deserve. The new website will contain improved content, free from spelling mistakes and search engine optimised to offer competitive results.


Web Project Management

One the tools we use within our web projects is a system called Basecamp. This is an online project management system that helps keep everything relating to a specific project together and on time. The system allows todo items to be assigned to clients and Nexus team members. Each of these items can be discussed and emails generated. Over the years we have used several content management systems, but this is by far the easiest one to use in our opinion.

The first thing we did with this project was to set up the project within Basecamp and give the client access to this. Straight aware the client is aware of all the things he needs to do in order to complete the project and can see everything we are doing. This approach keeps everyone up to speed with the progress of the project.

One thing we always say when introducing a client to Basecamp is that this system does not replace email, telephone calls and meetings. We use this as a tool to coordinate the project.


Website Design

The first step we took was to create a wire frame design of the website. This should the client where key elements of the pages would be located. This approach also allows our marketing team to get to work on refining the messaging that going to appear on the website and ensure the customer journey works well.

Once we have completed the wire frame this is presented to the client for sign off. In this case the client was happy with our suggestions and we moved straight on the the design stage.

The design stage starts by taking the wire frame that has been created and we start to work in the visual aspects of the project. We were able to complete this process fairly quickly for this client as they were very open to the ideas we were presenting to them. When the client has approved the design was approved this was converted into a functioning website.

We develop all of our websites on a temporary link, this allows the Nexus team and the client to view and use the website as if it was live. However this link is not public, so we can all work on this without it effecting any existing websites.

What Next? Printed Marketing Materials

After completing the website the client returned to order to speak to us about some printed marketing materials. Brain attends a lot of wedding events to promote his services. Soon after the website went live Brian returned to the Nexus office to have some booklets designed that showcased his cars. These were to be handed out at a local wedding fayre.

We are very pleased with the overall design of the these and the quality of the print work.