Project Overview

Earth Save Products were looking to establish an eCommerce website which would showcase their range of renewable energy solutions and give customers the option to purchase items online.

Earth Save Products Scotland

Design Approach

With an English branch already established Earth Save Products have a logo which represents their brand. With this in mind we designed the website inclusive of a refreshing, modern approach. The website is extremely informative whilst presenting each of the renewable solutions, making it easy for customers to view the available products and purchase them online. As an eCommerce website, Earth Save Products is fully integrated with PayPal to provide a safe, secure and familiar payment method for website users.

The Nexus Agency - SEO : Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

We encourage all of our website customers to have an up to date blog section as this ensures search engines keep coming back to the website and pushes it up through the rankings. Earth Save Products work on fantastic renewable projects for both the general public and for large organisations including NHS and Royal Bank of Scotland so they utilise the blog section of their website to showcase the work they have done on a range of different projects.

Looking For SEO?

Renewable Energy Micro Websites

Earth Save Products have a high ranking, well established website in place but are keen to stay one step ahead of their competition. Concentrating on five separate sectors within their product range we assisted them in selecting appropriate domain names for each chosen product.

We then got to work on the design and development for each individual, one page renewable energy micro website. The aim of these sites is high search engine ranking with back links to the main website.

Earth Save Products - Roller Banner

Design Approach

Having previously designed high quality inserts for each of the Earth Save main products over in the print side of The Nexus Agency, we used these as inspiration for the design of each micro site. The clear and concise layout of these inserts were followed as they were optimised for each product, displaying corresponding images and text whilst inkeeping with the branding of the company.

We Print Stuff Too

Here at Nexus we promote brand continuity and we know that offering the full package of web, print and marketing puts us in a great position to teach businesses how to do this. Upon the launch of the Earth Save Products website we also had a full van wrap designed, printed and fitted which was a great reflection of the new site and they business itself.

We also printed a range of:

Stand Out Like Earth Save Products

We have known the guys over at Earth Save Products for some time now and we have worked together on a wide range of projects. The latest of these was a branding and promotion exercise at a national exhibition.

Exhibition at the SECC Glasgow

Earth Save Products are a well known business down south and have established a new division within Scotland in the last 12 months. As part of this process they wanted to showcase their unique products at the Scottish House Building exhibition being held at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, Glasgow.

To help them during this project we undertook a large design project which designed a presentation folder with business card slot, roller banners, a series of six product insert cards and a large exhibition stand for use during the event.

Strategy Creates Leads

The overall tactic was to project a design that promoted their brand and made the business stand out at the exhibition. With the client reporting back to us the generation of hundreds of leads over the course of the weekend on what are high ticket purchases this appears to be mission accomplished.

To support the exhibition stand we also produced three different roller banners that not only added some interest to this exhibition but gives great flexibility for future events, especially at events that don’t boast the same floor space as the SECC in Glasgow.