After Storm Frank’s destructive effects on the River Dee and Scottish land, many homes and businesses in Ballater, Aberdeen were badly affected.

As a way to help the area, Prince Charles set up the Ballater Flood Appeal which has raised £160,000 since launching in January. Many who have contributed to the flood appeal have been local business owners and councillors.  As part of the appeal, a pop-up initiative was set up to build up the area known as the Duke of Rothesay. The newly developed establishment is aimed at training young people in the kitchen and attracting visitors to the Aberdeenshire burgh.

The restaurant will open in November while the business awaits additional recruitment but the Highgrove Shop is due to open at the end of this month.

Much of the damage from the Ballater floods has taken millions of pounds to repair however with initiatives such as the Duke of Rothesay, the area is on the mend to being restored to its original state.