In the past few decades, we have watched the world change their energy consumption habits to utilise more environmentally conscious methods as a way to reduce the reliance on natural resources.

wind turbines

Only five years ago, fossil fuels made up 83% of the world’s energy use. By 2020, this is predicted to decrease as the usage of renewable energy increases.

Wind Power is an increasingly popular form of renewable energy that currently produces 2.6% of the world’s energy and will continue to grow and contribute to environmentally friendly energy consumption.

On 7th August, the high winds in Scotland were so powerful that wind turbines generated enough power than was used in the whole country! The blustery weather helped wind turbines to produce 106% of the total amount of electricity used by Scottish residents and businesses.

Wind power is a highly cost effective method; solar and wind are cheaper than new gas plants thus it’s clearly the way forward to meet government targets of relying on renewable energy more.

So what’s it going to take to achieve this? While businesses are improving their CSR and home owners becoming more environmentally conscious, there is still much room for improvement and it all comes down to building awareness and encouragement.

This is a worldly issue and how can one rapidly reach a wider audience and build interaction and provide influential messages? Online forms of communication of course. Your websites, social media marketing, blogs etc. have a huge impact on reaching your targeted audience and conveying important messages.

There are various forms of social media platforms available that users participant in to highlight topics, create discussions and build awareness of issues. With busy work schedules and possibly a limited understanding of the best ways to utilise social media platforms, it can be challenging to gain the presence you require.

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