Ayr AcademyWe were originally contacted by Ayr Academy in the first quarter of 2016 to tender for the creation of a new website for their school. The head teacher at the school had came across another school website design that we had created for Forehill Primary School and really liked this design.

Gordon from the Nexus team attended several meetings with representatives from both Ayr Academy and South Ayrshire Council to discuss the project. He was surprised to hear of the plans to completely redevelop the school in a new location within Ayr. However immediately thought that the creation of a new website during this period was an amazing opportunity to capture some of the history of the school and document the development of the new school as it progresses.

Look and Feel

The new website is being given a fresh, welcoming look and feel that will be welcoming to pupils, parents and teachers alike. The pupils within the school are split up into houses, which we initially thought was very Harry Potter. So this aspect of the school will play an important part of the pupils section of the website.

From the parents prospective, the website will be a place where information about what’s going on in the school, holiday dates, homework and important information relating to their children’s time at Ayr Academy can be found.

Each of the departments within the website are being given their own section where they will be able to post articles and files that will help the pupils with their education.