Ever really thought about connecting with your inner wisdom? Our clients from Flow Life Coaching came to The Nexus Agency looking for some expertise on producing promotional materials to highlight the fantastic self-reflective workshops and events that they offer to a range of customers in Edinburgh and further afield.

Client Needs

Our client expressed that she required resources that could be used to promote her upcoming workshops. The idea of self-reflection workshops may be quite a new concept to customers therefore it was essential that the promotional tools were clear and truly represented the services provided. Moreover, we wanted to ensure that the design was vivid and inspiring to entice all types of customers and encourage a greater customer base.

The Nexus Team were able to produce a roller banner, A5 flyers and various posters to boost their brand presence and visibility to a greater audience. We focused on using visual images on the promotional tools to catch the eye of the spectator and we think it has done just that. With many of our customers, we like to confirm that they firstly have a fully functioning and contemporary website that meets their business goals. An effective website is crucial as it presents your brand image and services to your customers. Thus we made sure that all the promotion materials were consistent with her brand on the website.

connect with inner wisdom

Our client was delighted with their Nexus crafted promotion materials! We look forward to working with Flow Life Coaching again in the future.

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