Digital Presence Case Study


Founder and owner of SLS Fitness, Stephanie Smith is a personal trainer and fitness class instructor based in Ardrossan, Ayshire. She was looking for a website with a “Wow Factor” to showcase her excellent range of classes and personal fitness services, inclusive of a members only area. The SLS Fitness website functionality also had to include the ability to accept payment and a bookable class timetable which could be easily updated by SLS Fitness staff.

SLS Fitness : Steph Smith

 Design Approach

Stephanie at SLS Fitness was looking for a design which was infused with colour so starting with a dark background our designers got to work on creating the SLS Fitness masterpiece. This website not only looks good; it is fully loaded with functionality, very informative and extremely easy for website visitors to use whether they are browsing, booking classes or taking advantage of their SLS Memberships. The payment facility associated with this website is GoCardless which was the perfect solution; allowing Stephanie’s clients to pay their monthly memberships through a one off set up.

SLS Fitness Website

 WordPress Plugin

For this project we utilised the WordPress Plug In, Events Calendar. This allows the team at SLS Fitness to input information about upcoming classes whilst offering the ability to book where necessary. The more complex part of the booking system required for SLS Fitness was offering a choice of kettlebell weights to be booked prior to each class. Luckily our development Jedis were on the case so it all worked out fabulously in the end.

Social Media Integration

SLS Fitness has a large social media following so it was important that the website offers links off to the relevant social media pages. The icons are recognised worldwide and with just the click of a button, you’re lead straight to the SLS Facebook and Instagram pages.

One of the most important things to remember when including links to other websites from your own is to ensure they open in another window. This makes it easier for the user to pop back to your website after having a look at the targeted site.

We Print Stuff Too…

Prior to designing the SLS Fitness website we worked with the company to produce branded garments for SLS clients to wear. This garment printing includes hoodies, vests, leggings and t.shirts. Upon the launch of the website we also carried out graphic design work for brochure adverts and printed SLS Hub membership cards which tied in perfectly with the site and the SLS Fitness brand.