Here at Nexus Web Design we like to add some of our traditions during the run up to Christmas. Our main activity, amongst all the work we do, is our Mince Pie Competetion which sees the Nexus team each try out a variet of brands of mince pie, score them on their attributes and on Christmas Eve we choose the ultimate mince pie winner! This year Gordon, Victoria, Rebecca and even a few of our fabulous customers tested mince pies from Iceland, Waitrose, Asda, Marks and Spencer, Mr Kipling and Sainsburys. The attributes judged were filling, pastry and overall presentation. The absolute clear winner was Hestons Mince Pies from Waitrose which didn’t score less than an 8 out of 10 on any category! These lovely little festive pies came accompanied by a sachet of your very own tangerine flavoured dusting to sprinkle over it before it was devoured and the Nexus team just loved them!

Well done Hestons – we salute you! Let us know if you think there are any brands we should try out next time. After all it’s only 11 and a half months until Christmas!