Here at Nexus we pride ourselves in the relationships we build with our clients. We take the time to get to know your business so we can create the perfect website to showcase your products and services. Working closely alongside Lana at City Chic in Glasgow was no different.

Based in Merchant City in the centre of Glasgow, Lana is an award winning permanent make up consultant. Lana’s clinic, City Chic offers a full range of permanent and semi permanent make up procedures including facial rejuvenation, lip enhancement and 3D hair stroke brows. Already having an established relationship with Sylvia from our Niche marketing team, Lana was keen to meet with Gordon as he would be the expert behind the website which was soon to deliver optimal results, information, images and contact information on a business which Lana has a clear, driving passion for.

It was new territory for Gordon, our managing director as he was given a tour around City Chic, had an opportunity to meet the team and learn about the procedures and Lana herself. Based on all the information we gathered, with complete input from Lana and working side by side with her we built her website, brought it to life and continually work on the SEO options to keep the site ranking high in online searches within the permament make up industry in Scotland.