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The Role of a Web Designer

Web design is an exciting career choice that requires a range of skills. The tasks of a web designer includes the planning, creating and coding of internet sites and pages. Their most important responsibility is the layout and final design of the website. To complete this, web designers will have to combine text with pictures, videos, sound and graphics. They may also be tasked with updating old websites to increase search engine visibility. The role of a web designer is a rewarding one. It can be quite lucrative, especially if employed by well-known brands.

Key Elements of Web Design

9 Apr 2021

Although different web designers produce varied results when creating a website, crucial elements guide the process. These include easy navigation, interactivity, responsiveness, visual appeal, intuitiveness, and compatibility with different devices and screen sizes. Developers work their creativity around these elements to come up with the best possible sites.

Web Design Trends in 2021

7 Mar 2021

The web design sphere is very dynamic, with new tools and ideas born every day. In 2021, the top trends in the industry include:

  • Minimalist designs
  • 3D animation and colors
  • Isometric and geometric merging
  • Retro fonts and large typography
  • Incorporation of Augmented Reality (AR)

Getting it Right With a Website Layout

5 Feb 2021

The layout of a website plays a large role in determining whether visitors leave or stay. To create an appealing design, you should keep it as simple as possible. Do things for function, not aesthetics. Let each element offer some value. Use attractive colors but not bold ones.